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The day has finally come.....

I got The Myspace.

So, who wants to be my friend?

and thats, that.
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Ok let me re-cap it from the last day i can vividly remember....

Tuesday: Jordan and Jullian came over to watch family guy and blaze <3
Wendsday: Evan came over and we rolled to a blunt party!!
Thursday: Went to Justice's for thanksgiving dinner and smoked her and vicki out. Got picked up by breanna and rolled to mi casa to smoke with evan and get INTERUPTED by this girl i worked with and didnt invite over. Finally evan and i left to eat more thanksgiving dinner
FRIDAY!!!!! : Hannah calls me and invites me to see SAVES THE DAY with her!!! fuck ya i love that girl. I havent seen her in forever. Called Evan to see if he wanted to roll, and we were set. We smoked a LOT before the show, then went to Hollywood. Got VIP parking thanks to evan, ate damn good food while we watched the opening bands, then left to blaze because we thought senses fail was opening to saves the day. Blaze in the hills, park, and roll back to see one song by saves the day because they opened for SENSES FAIL. THATS TOO FUCKING GAY. We left out of anger. Went home, smoked, in-n-out, dropped hannah boo off, got dropped off, and blazed alone. THEN!!! My friends Christian, Rudy, Chris, and Kel stopped by!! We smoked fat and took a nature adventure. Now its 3:30 am and hum... i think were going bowling.

Peace and much love <3
Keep well

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Rub my tummy for some of this good luck bitch

Thanks to Stryker and KROQ, I won two tickets to KROQ's Inland Invasion tomorrow!! I was fun hearing myself on the radio, I sound like a little giddy girl. The homie Evan is going with and on our list to see is: Travis Barker and DJ AM, Cake, Garbage, Oasis, Live, Bloc Party, Beck, and 311. Details and Review of the show will be posted tomorrow night.

Other than that, hum.... I work at Arts Deli in Studio City now. Today Mr.Feeny from Boy Meets World came in and I took Seth McFarlen's (Creator of Family Guy) delivery order. Coool. Ok, time to hibernate.

Until next time....
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Weekend Update:

Friday - MY 16th FINCH SHOW AT THE HENRY FONDA!!! Megan and I got their late and missed Rx Bandits dammit! Mike dragged me into the pit for project mayhem! After watching 1/2 the set w/ Tony, Megan and i went to the balcony for smokes and to watch finch on the projection wall they had. Wandered Hollywood for about an hour then went home and made swet hot love <3

Saturday - Mama Burnett picked us up and we slept all day at Megans. Headed to Nikkis at night for Megan / Natalies birthday partay! Saw they whole crew and met new awesome kids :) Had a drunken taco bell run with borrah at 1am where we had to walk through the drive thru like true thugs do. Finished our burritos in 4 seconds, then went to megs.

Sunday - Got ridiculously high with Megan and watched White Noise before Borrah came over. Good relaxed day. :)

Pictures coming soooooon!!!!
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