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WHY DONT CHA EAT SOMETHIN?!!?! [03 Mar 2005|01:03am]
[ mood | amused ]

tonight was fucking hilarious. i went to glendale and met up with breanna to a trust company video shoot. it was at a skate park and it was raining and only 15 extras showed up! these girls were up dancing on the 1/2 pipes with tank tops and nothing on in the rain and when the cameras cut, you could see them shivering in the cold rain. we didnt even go in the shoot, we just made fun of everyone then climbed trees and played soccer and basketball with a water bottle. he hung out with this mexican guy who blazed us out thank god. then came the mcdonalds coffee and fries..... mmmmmmm =) tonight rocked, trust company really doesnt. LINDSAY <3 BREANNA!

p.s. MEGAN - Eat The World // Reggeaton Fest .... best night!! <3

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