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PEPPER AT THE EL REY! [28 Mar 2005|09:50am]
[ mood | amused ]

Yesterday was yet another adventure going to a show with Hannah <3 Before we left we went to 711 where this bum talked back at me and the 711 guy was CRAZY!! He kept talking and rambling and before he left said "Im so high I dont even know". Then, when we got off 101 at highland we drove up next 4 hhhhhhooooottttttttt ass boys and whatdaya know... the driver just chillin sippin on a heinekin. possibly one of the funniest things ive seen. Got to the El Rey and it took FOREVERRRR to park! finally got in and started to watch the 2nd opening band, OPM, and just chilled. OPM started of by screaming "fuck the mutha fuckin PO-LICE!"haha. Then it was Pepper. They were awesome. They played a Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine cover and the crowd went absolutly insane. It was really cool to see a security guard walk up and tell someone to put out their joint rather than just kick them out. Hannah and I had a blast staring at hot drunk dancing guys and titties galore!!! I cant wait until the next show w/ that girl <3333

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