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Randon Post [06 Apr 2005|05:55pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Damn!!!!!!!!! Yesterday was awful. Worst pain EVER. Went to the hospital crying and screaming for mercy. One I.V. full of morphine and a catscan later I found out I have a KIDNEY STONE!!! Ahhhhh.... Got to see hannah and talk to sean so that was relaxing. Friday COBALT show.... go or die. Saturday SLIGHTLY STOOPID w/ Hannah of course. MY 13TH FINCH SHOW IS JUST 8 DAYS AWAY!!! FUCK YA BITCHES. HANNAH AND I WILL SIT ON THE STAGE AGAIN HAHA <3 Oh ya and The O.C. tomorrow baby omg i cannot wait to see Marissas fine ass.

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