June 9th, 2005



Last night took hannah and i on a wild journey to Anahiem where we encountered Ninjas, Bears, and Finch... OH MY! We ate at Dennys, two tables down from a couple ninjas (aka randall jr.) Hannah killed a couple of Dinosaurs and i have proof!! We stumbled back to the Chain Reaction where we got our free poster and cd. Hannah spotted Nate haha then 15 min later we see him barely able to stand screaming in the parking lot grabbing on to anything he can to get his balance. Hannah screamed "My god he cant walk!" Thats what alcohol does to you kids!! Then the ninjas went running around the lot. Went inside to see Vendetta Red. They roccked. Then out of no where, theres this BEAR inside the venue. Well this guy in a huge bear costume. Finch went on and Nate was like "Dude the bear came" but the best quote of the night was..... "I cant hear myself...and im drunk...so i need to hear myself" MY 15TH FINCH SHOW WAS ON TO REMEMBER. I hope i get to see them again soon :)
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    Finch // a piece of mind