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Dont you see the black guy with the sweater?

Fridays are always interesting. Met up with Ali to go window shopping then walked to her casa but ended up sneaking in this old (what we thought was) abandoned house. Ali was looking in a window to see a lady staring back at her! We ran so fast but she caught up with us, thankfully i sweet talked her into a better mood haha. Got to her place, changed into boxers and glasses and walked in the road where a black dude almost ran us over. Climbed into "Memory Tree" and kicked it there before Ali fell out. Went home and did stuff till about 3:30 am where my beloved MEGAN stopped by, literally, the car stopped on her way over so her, sisco, and i had a quick smoke break before attempting to steal a battery from a car. Didnt work. Megs and I went to 711 and tried flagging down cars until FINALLY we hopped in this one dudes car who helped us out. She left at around 5am but it was the best hour and 1/2 out of my day. Okay random story is complete. Off to bed I go <3
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