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Weekend Update:

Friday - MY 16th FINCH SHOW AT THE HENRY FONDA!!! Megan and I got their late and missed Rx Bandits dammit! Mike dragged me into the pit for project mayhem! After watching 1/2 the set w/ Tony, Megan and i went to the balcony for smokes and to watch finch on the projection wall they had. Wandered Hollywood for about an hour then went home and made swet hot love <3

Saturday - Mama Burnett picked us up and we slept all day at Megans. Headed to Nikkis at night for Megan / Natalies birthday partay! Saw they whole crew and met new awesome kids :) Had a drunken taco bell run with borrah at 1am where we had to walk through the drive thru like true thugs do. Finished our burritos in 4 seconds, then went to megs.

Sunday - Got ridiculously high with Megan and watched White Noise before Borrah came over. Good relaxed day. :)

Pictures coming soooooon!!!!
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