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frame by frame, we begin to change

k e / / y cameron
30 May
Oh my god, I think im blind.
1969, 28:06:42:12, a beautiful mind, a static lullaby, a-ha, alcohol, allister, anabolic frolic, avenged sevenfold, bands, benjamin mckenzie, big country, blazing saddles, blink 182, boys, brand new, circa survive, clubs, cobalt cafe, curt smith, da ali g show, dancing naked, dave chappelle, death cab for cutie, donnie darko, dr gonzo, drinking, drive thru records, echo & the bunnymen, ensurance trap, entourage, every time i die, finch, frank the bunny, garden state, get up kids, getting drunk, guitar, guitar center, gumby, half baked, happy 2b hardcore, hello goodbye, hollywood, home school, hooters, hot hot heat, jake gyllenhaal, jared leto, jason schwartzman, jimmy eat world, k-flo, kelly logan, listening to music, local bands, losers, m-$$$, making out, megan burnett, men at work, mindless self indulgence, mosh pits, movies, mud wrestling, naked, nate barcalow, new found glory, north hollywood, nural, oingo boing, oral sex, orgasms, partys, passing out, phantom planet, pokey, porn, rage against the machine, raves, reno 911, reo speedwagon, requiem for a dream, robert smith, roberta sparrow, roland orzabal, rufio, rx bandits, saves the day, say hello to sunshine, senses fail, sex, shawshank redemption, sherman oaks galleria, shopping, singing, slackers, sleeping, smirnoff, snoop dogg, snowboarding, so cal, something corporate, spun, studio city, taking back sunday, tears for fears, the 70's, the 80's, the church, the cure, the doors, the moving units, the roxy, the spot, the starting line, the tangent universe, the troubadour, this is spinal tap, thomas lennon, timestorm, titties galore, touching, tripping out, tv funhouse, under the milky way, ventura, vince vaughn, yellowcard